Dear blessed St Jude, please let my neighbour stop his noise pollution from his garage trying to repair his bike and some sort of show car (both not used for his daily requirements) .He has good job,perfect outdoor life and indoor too and young.We are self isolating ,my husband 74 yrs both of us having underlying health conditions-he has missed all his hospital appointments and so have I . We are going thru such a stressful time and our neighbour garage is very close to my kitchen and it is like he is in the room with me – he sits and work in his garage as soon as he gets back from office making all kind of worshop noises which is making me very anxious and stressed and cannot sit in my house -the whole house vibrates if he is racing his toy car – and his bike -very very selfish man and he does not care – he is obssesed with his hobby uncaring of the effect on us – please help dear lord please let him stop this noise pollution. it may sound minor but it is not -thank you St Jude please intercede in this matter .Thank you always grateful–