Dear blessed St Jude please help me and my husband’s sanity from our evil and selfish nieghbour who has made a workshop of his car and motobike repairing on weekends and late night on other days -He is living inside his garage and next to our fence close to our kitchen and making all the welding and high noises -without any consideration to my 74 yr old husband who is with all the underlying conditions and me with high blood pressure and shortness of breath who are both self isolating.
The neighbours have been partying for 2 days ,they are young going out with good paying job and all very noisy family -I feel very stuck and agitated that this is going on and we are stuck inside with nowere to go and depending on others for our food even and my daughter ,her husband (all nurses treating covid patients )and all others frontline jobers at risk i am so worried and tense .Please dear lord put an end to this noise pollution injustice to me and my husband from my neighbour for good please. Make him realise dear lord how much of damage he is causing with his thoughtless selfish behaviour.
Please help dear lord for us to get some peace of mind -put an end to this merry making and crude behaviour of my neighbour and his wife to an end during this covid time which is so testing -Thank you -always grateful –