Dear blessed St Jude,
Please intercede urgently to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour to heal and cure my baby grandson from the wound to his scalp he had
And the profuse bleeding he had.
Please cure him lord and let there be no internal damage to him in anyway.
please protect my elder daughter and her family always.
Please them see the need to help me and mycancer patient husband

Please bring my 2 daughters together and live near me or let me be able to get a good builder to make extensions to my home .
Please cure my osteoarthritis and left abdomen pain and please please let me get my native country insurance application accepted somehow. And don’t let my agent cheat me.please cure my knee issues and glaucoma , no problem with cyst in liver and recommended colonoscopy go well with clear no problems result.
Let the colonoscopy happen in the hospital which I like and let the lower Gi agree to it.
We desperately need my daughter and her husband both nurses , her husband a nurse for geriatrics.with my husband has advanced cancer .
They both are reluctant to come near us because of high rent and hard to get property to rent and visa issues if their change hospital.
Please destroy any extramarital affair of my daughter’s husband if he is having any god forbid. Let him focus only on his wife and 2 kids and no one else lord.
Please protect and save my daughter’s marriage From any outside evil force trying to interfere or destroy it.
Please give my elder daughter the courage mental and physical to control her food cravings so that she can control her sugar levels and be able to control the inflammation in her body.
Please let her husband be supportive and loving towards her an family.
We both families don’t have much finance and need to stick together. Please let the lord hear my plea.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all your favours to me and my family. Amen.