Please cure my 1 year old grandson’s tonsillitis lord.
Please cure all the cancer cells in my husband’s body and let all his bladder problems go away somehow .
Please cure my both knee osteoarthritis, severe knee pain
Please cure my first daughter’s bleeding issues and let the endometriosis thickness normalise with her diet and exercise.
Please let my second daughter learn the art of diplomacy , be nice to all at the apartment complex, not make a fool of herself, know and realise their true nature which is just hatred towards her because sheviscin a living together relationship and all are family people.
So she is a bad example and they want to drive her out.
Please let all in the area complex stop attacking her including the evil caretaker.
Please continue to protect my insecure, egoistic , idiotic, impulsive, arrogant.daughter.
Please let her stop being all the above and Let her behave and give good behaviour. to all.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the blessings given to us.