Dear blessed st Jude,Please make our nieghbour who is making noise pollution late in the night with his some kind of hobbies of a sports car and a bike and inspite of knowing very well how it disturbs us he is still doing it during these corona days when me and my 75yr old vulnerable category both of us are self isolating .He is young working making money has good job with everything going well for him is not one bit bothered about this utterly selfish act .Our house trembles when he races the car/motorbike .This is done as late as 10.30 pm. It makes us very nervous and anxious .He has a temper and no nonsense attitude .Since they know that we dont have much money .no car etc do not care about how we feel.He works from close to our fence and my kitchen and dine so it is very disturbing .All the time listening to our conversations also .Dear Lord please let him stop this selfish act of his at once for our peace of mind. We are already living in fear of the corona virus .All my poor husband’s and my health check up,eye check ups for gluecoma,dental appointments stand cancelled and we are so worried.
I am so worried about my nurse daughter and nurse son in law both nurses(both treating corona patients) and my little grand daughter all 3 seperated and living in 3 countries and about my younger daughter with her low immunity after her accident -we are already going thru hell without this noise from this nieghbour.
Please help dear St Jude -please send a miracle so that he will stop this terrible nuisance hobby which is an unwanted luxury in these corona times-
I pray for all the people in this circle that they may find a solution for their problems asap.Thank you St Jude