Blessed St Jude, thank you for today .
The doctor could not treat me today because the admin at my clinic had referred me to a small hospital with no facilities to treat multiple problems like I am going through. Which needs a bigger hospital.
The doctor thought it was very important and urgent my condition.
Both my kidneys have problem.
One is showing a stone and other kidney
has hydronephrosis. And I am in pain.
Please let me get treated quickly..and the good for nothing admin which is making mistakes after mistakes all their deeds are delaying treatment to me..
Please urgently come to my help to get me an appointment for my kidney problem which has to be dealt at once but the admin at the clinic is very casual about it.and has no interest.
Please let all scans/tests of my advanced cancer patient husband come out all clear and show no problem.
Let all my upcoming tests and CT scans be also clear of all diseases and let the current issues in both my kidneys get cured lord.
Let my abdomin and back pain go away at once lord.
Have mercy on me. Keep us both healthy .
Thank you for all your favours to her and family dear St Jude..praying for all in this circle and beyond..