Blessed St Jude, please let all the recent last scans and tests of my cancer patient husband come out all clear with no cancer cells and no problem for him – please let us both be stress free and happy with the results.
please let the doctor allow him to travel and then both of us can go to my native country after 4 years and see my daughter whom i have not seen for 4 yrs now.
please urgently come to my help to cure my stomach pain which the ultra sound scan showed a kidney stone, a growing cyst in the spleen, a fluid collection in the right kidney hydronephrosis – which is giving me acute back pain – left side abdomin pain ,severe both knee pain please please cure me lord – i am my husband’s carer and there is no one else for us . please do not make me fall sick – the delay in getting doctor is alarming in this country where the medical care has crashed completely with millions in waiting and dying while waiting . i do not want to be one of them lord – i have an opportunity in my native country to do all the tests and get everything done provided i pay the cost . please show and guide me to the right choice- if i should stay back and get treatment in this country or go to my native country to get all the scans done and get diagnosed ?
please help urgently lord –
Thank you for everything given to me and my husband – always grateful – amen