Blessed St Jude please urgently come to my help . I am having stomach pain and back pain .
Did an ultra sound scan yesterday found a small stonec in kidney and the pain continues.
This country has nothing functioning .here.
I have no medical insurance. Sitting at home bearing the pain .I can go to my native country on a 10 hour plus flight.. leaving my advanced cancer patient husband on his own which I cannot do.
My daughter who is in this country but lives 2 hours away cannot help with school going kid and their jobs and hand to mouth existence.
I have been advised by my doctor relative to go to native country do all check ups and come back.
Please lord let my abdomin pain get cured.
Please guide me and show me a way .
Please send me your powerful miracles to sort out my problems which I feel so helpless to solve due to money, no one to help,
I survive by my prayers to you . Please help dear St Jude. Please intercede to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour to urgently cure my stomach pain and to get a consultant doctor to check on me and before that a trans vaginal scan to get done.
Please let there be nothing serious problems to my health.
Please help me to come to a conclusion on whether to go to native country or stay here and pay huge smount of money and do something.
Please help urgently dear St Jude.
Thank you for all your favours to me and family.