Dear St Jude, please protect my first daughter from all danger in her own home from her own husband – they have started to have fights some time back but i was informed only a few days back – My poor daughter was putting up with the evil horrible mother in law, sister in law and the husband himself – they join together and plot together -isolating her and making her feel so bad and all alone- she never confessed to me because she had taken the decision to marry this man on her own and we had objected knowing their background –
My poor daughter was suffering in silence the ill treatment from this horrible family for 7 yrs now – its getting worse looks like he has found someone (i am not sure but he has a very happy go lucky thing about him and his behaviour is cold at home towards children and my daughter – she is just like a slave of his now – mother of his 2 children -a new born and still being illtreated for her bloated looks now – please St Jude let his affairs fail and never work out if he is having one – please let him know a taste of his own medicine lord – please do not let his mother come for a visit again to my daughter – please let the sister in law never come to stay with them lord – they all are dangerous extremely selfish cruel people- Now they all are torturing my daughter- either the husband has another affair or they want money.
He is also pinching hard his daughter 6 yr old till she cries . let him stop this at once lord.
please let the husband and family stop this harassment of my daughter at once lord – i really dont know what to do- please guide and protect my daughter dear St Jude and let her take correct decisions . please stop this horrible man lord with your powerful miracles . thank you for all your help and favours to me and family -amen