Dear blessed St Jude, please protect, guide my nurse daughter – she is going through terrible stress because of her husband’s behaviour towards her and her 6 yr old daughter.
we are doubting he is trying to replace her with another person .
he does not support any of her needs like to start a diet, learn driving – he is talking negative all the time and putting her down never encouraging – he moves around with his friends enjoying himself – but does cooking, driving and now showing no interest in children also – he speaks broken english -he has cut her off from me her mother who lives one hour from her place – he is just using her like a maid and to promote his visa matters – now he is acting very ditached aloof in a world of his own always happy – so we doubt there is an affair going on at work place because he goes nowhere else- dear St Jude, please save the marriage that is what we wish for first because of a 7 month baby and 6 yr old child – but if he is doing cheating then please let what you wish for my daughter happen lord for her and the children happiness.
i have been through divorce and being a single parent is most tough –
we are a weak family and there is no one to support us lord other than my prayers to you there is nothing for us in this world – please destroy any affair if the husband is having one- please stop all his attack on my daughter and children – bring down his ego and crash him lord with your mighty power. let him value his family and children. please let his mother never be able to come to this country – she is pure poison and supports anything the son does to get more money and comfort for them.
now they want her to fall ill – for 6 yrs my daughter is suffering with all kind of ailments and he has never found any solution for it. never helping – both mother and son want her to become diabetic and cooks food like that and always tries to break her diet to reverse diabetes.
please urgently intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour for a solution to this big problem – please guide and show my daughter the truth about her husband .
if he is having an affair please let it come out in the open – let there be an explanation to his nasty behaviour towards her and the elder child.
please break him up lord , his ego , his arrogance, nastiness towards a 6 yr old girl child pinching her till she cries so much and is so depressed, crushing his wife who just had a complicated delivery with gestation diabetes and is continuing to have health issues ,mood swings and anxiety because of the new born now seven months is small for his age – weight and height – so she is very worried -and she gets no support from this evil husband who is always with friends who is from the native country because his english is bad and all the paper work dumped on to my daughter’s head. please send your powerful miracles urgently to her to protect her and guide her and how to resolve this problem .
please let her be able to put the girl in a faith school because the little girl is going through lot of trauma – and now the little girl is taking care mostly her little 7 month old brother helping her mother – please let my daughter see the truth and take decisions according to that and save herself from this chauvanistic scheming money hungry evil man and his mother and sister. Please humble them lord with your mighty power please -we have only you and our prayers to you .
please help my daughter and show her the way to resolve her misery dear St Jude.
Thank you for all your help my dear St Jude – my prayers to all in this circle and beyond –please let all be able to find peace and solutions —