Dear blessed St Jude, please protect my younger daughter and let her keep her patience and not give in to anger with the residents of our apartment complex.
Please let her be patient and please lord resolve this problem for me.
Please show me the real enemies of this apartment.
It’s a third wold country and all are gossipy and hypocrites men and women.
Please lord guide me , my poor second daughter and my brother in law who is in my city today and will be speaking to the health inspector about this garbage matter.
Please let all the ladies who come up to put the garbage stop their talking gossiping and go away without causing much distress to my daughter.
Please intercede to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour to urgently help us in this extremely serious situation..in which we cannot live..
Please send your powerful miracles to save us from these monstrous people.
Let them all fail in front of your mighty power lord and do the right thing.
Thank you for all your favours to me always given. Amen