Blessed St Jude, I thank you today for bringing the fight between the mother in law and my daughter to an end I think – mother in law has agreed to speak to her after i convinced her family relations are most important and to become friends again. She has agreed to call in 2 days but already i can see changes in my son in law being friendly to us again- please bless those idiotic people who fight because of lack of money and insecurity – please continue to keep them married, in love and blessed lord -please keep all evil away from them and keep them under your protection lord. Praying for all in this circle and beyond
Thanks a million for saving us once again my dear St Jude. I have no words to describe my gratitude to you – and to all at the shrine who pray for all unconditionally -may God bless you all with good health and prosperity always for all the good things you do – thank you all – amen