Dear blessed St Jude, please let my second daughter be able to decide on the Msc course she wants to study in this country where i live – please send your powerful miracles to help her which is very critical to her as well as me – because it is expensive study and i will be spending all the money saved so far on her which i do not mind as long as she is serious about her study and future and gets the right course which she enjoys and will give her an income instead of a fantasy one.
Here the subjects she wants to do is either be a Maths tutor or learn cyber security which requires programming and computer knowledge which even though she is an electrical engineer with a masters does not have .This will be her second masters and she does not like what she has worked on and wants a change and let it be something which she enjoys doing please lord – we cannot have anymore mistakes dear lord – we live on a small pension and hands to mouth existence- please enable my daughters to earn some money after i brought them up single handedly .
She has zero money after working for 8 plus years and no man in her life -nothing a big zero – please help please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to save this naive idiotic 30 plus old to see reality and act mature and responsible and see people for what they are and not to get cheated by anyone and respect and listen and value family who helps her. Thank you my dear St Jude for all your favours to her amen