Dear blessed St Jude, Today i am so shocked to know the depth of hatred all the other apartment owners/ renting people in my apartment complex in the native country where my younger daughter is living all are against us now
She is living with a man now and that has turned all against her – its a very middle class set of people living there who are extremely narrow,selfish, hyprocrites, self centered and all are family and no single people living there except for my daughter .
nobody likes what she is doing.
Please my dear St Jude please let my daughter realise the danger she is in.
Please protect her against all these apartment owners especially my evil neighbour and his wife both have spread all kind of stories about my daughter to everyone.
Please let my daughter see reality and remove her ego and become humble and sweet let her be able to control her impulsive nature. All are waiting for her to make a mistake to punish her. The man living with her is giving her support and good advice also doing all the right things. thank you lord for his presence there to protect her – But there are big drawbacks to this arrangement and i leave her in your hands lord
Please continue to help her lord and remove all the obstacles for her and let her get over her migraine which is bothering her.
Please take over her thinking lord and work on her mind your path, your way somehow please – i could never bring her up the right way – the family was broken and no money was there.
I am in another country looking after her step father who has advanced cancer and no one else is there.
Please urgently send your powerful miracles to bring change of character to my daughter and also remove the animosity of the residents in the apartment complex against her .
Please let her stop fighting with her family , her sister and me .
Please bring back her faith in God and in the power of prayers lord please – let her find peace and happiness in you lord .
please do the right thing for her lord –
please protect her from coronavirus and all other health problems lord.
Thank you for all your favours to her my dear St Jude – amen