Dear blessed St Jude ,please intercede to Jesus Christ our lord and saviour to protect my younger daughter from all dangers from the association of owners of my apartment .I feel they all are targeting my daughter and trying to trap her or put her in some danger.Please bless her and keep her dear lord .She is all alone and has bad friends i think -i dont know what is happening in her life. But we were shunned by the orthodox people in the apartment who are very narrow ,gossipy and selfish middle class people .But she is also not brought up well because of my broken and single parent i could not do a good job but i tried .Please my daughter is going thru lot of her own mental problems which she does not tell me – she is searching for a psychiatrist because she cannot sleep – and i hope she will not take any medicine for sleeping and get addicted to it and complicate her life even more- please help her dear lord – i am broken completly -when i think of her -she is in another country – all alone -she does not believe in god or prayers anymore – please let her get back her faith in god and prayers – and find comfort in that-
Please let her find a good man and settle down her soul mate please
Please wrap your healing arms around her and make her forget her pains and bad memories or whatever is troubling her please lord let her have peace of mind – please guide her in the right path and always let her choose the right friends and be in the right path dear lord .please let her not invite any bad friends to my aparment and create any problems.I pray to you to please let her stop all her bad habits of smoking drinking and bad friends .please forgive if me or she has done anything wrong to others to bring this misery to our lives .Please let her find the right Psychiatrist or psychologist who will treat her correct without any medicines .Always thankful for all the favours to me and my family-A