Dear blessed St Jude, Thank you for all the blessings given to me and my family.
Please cure the side effects of the radiation therapy of cancer treatment of my husband – he has no sleep and is getting up every 2 hours because of bladder issues from the radiation for months now . The doctor is talking about another treatment if it does not stop – it will make him suffer more .
Please let there be no suffering for him lord.
My knees are having big problems that is what the xray result says – i am having severe pain in both knees – please
show me a way to help cure the pain and problem –
please convince my elder daughter and family to come and stay near us lord if that is your wish for all our well being.
They have no home live in rented mould filled damp tiny apartment with a new born child with breathng issues and another elder child also- both are nurses – so can be of help to us and we to them – please show us the right path lord .
Please guide my second daughter to your path and let her start believing in god and in the power of prayers and meditation.
please protect us all from coronavirus and all other health problems lord-
Thank you for all your favours to us all my dear St Jude- amen