Dear blessed St Jude please urgently come to decide on the( already divorced man before she met him )my daughter has told me she likes or loves .
Please guide her in this very serious matter as per your wish and always show her the truth because She is very naive and child like .
Please let her take care of herself .
Please urgently send your powerful miracles to show us the truth about this man she says is her dream person.
Please let the man give details of his parents and home address to verify
My daughter wants to join for Msc course in this country and is very expensive
I have always wanted her to come and be with me.
But the country has gone into recession and nothing is working and we are struggling.
MSC tuition fee will wipe out all my savings.
Please decide Lord for us if this will benefit my daughter and please let there be no mistakes because it’s all my savings .
Please decide for us Lord which university which course and it should be affordable to me. Please urgently come to my help with your powerful miracles to decide in this matter..

Please help my 2nd daughter who is wasting her life in mediocre jobs with no savings when she is highly qualified to do better jobs.
She is mentally crippled by her broken family with both parents remarried and only sister not talking to her and the person she loved dumping her and got married to another girl leaving my daughter crushed and I am also responsible for the break up .
Please forgive me and let her also forgive me lord . I beg you lord to correct all these mistakes and somehow help my poor daughter to find her soul mate, fall in love, marry and have family before it’s too late she being in her 30’s.
A new person is there in her life now .please Lord we have no one to find out if he is the right man . Please show us the real story behind his divorce and please send your decision in some ways or signs for us to understand.
Please let her be able to get the right University, course and the fees which I can afford to come to this country where I am living to study or to thru marriage.
please let her save money and have a secure future somehow lord.
I am extreamly concerned about her lifestyle, friends, health and smoking habit.
please cure her continuing cough and please let her stop smoking at once.
She has moved to a bigger city and its very rough in her office.
Please stop all the harrasment towards her in the office with your mighty power lord.Only you my dear St Jude can bring changes in her life so please I plead with you today to come to her help with your powerful miracles .
Please let her find the ideal accommodation with good people as friends.
Please let all the obstacles in her life go away  to achieve a  secure successful current and future life with your mighty power lord.
I Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to her always given . amen