Dear St Jude please urgently come to my help to cure my Tinnitus tapping in the ear problem or if it’s something else. It is driving me mad with my entire inside head having headaches and other filled up feelings . Please help.
Please let the sugar level of my poor 8th month pregnant nurse daughter come down urgently ..she has gestational diabetes ..and let the bloated foetus stomach become normal let all things be normal growth. Please calm her and give her strength. Let her 2 month old cough get cured so that she can go under GA for her ceaserian delivery. Please send help urgently to her Lord.
Please please give me a solution on how to bring my daughter to this country in these tough times . Her tuition fee will wipe out all my savings and she has to cooperate with me in checking out her health because there is no money to take care of her in uk.
The health sector has crashed .
She is just skin and bones. Please let her do some tests to find out how healthy she is.
Please let her stop at once all her bad habits and please Lord decide for her which is best for her ..to come to this country to join University abroad or to stay back in native country and wait till things get better .
Please please send your powerful miracles to save us all from our problems.
Please let all in this circle get their problems resolved ..