Blessed St Jude, I thank you today for getting near an open MRI appointment for my ear tinnitus problem. please let it be nothing serious and let it be cured as quickly as possible or let it go away on its own lord.
please let there be no need for an MRI scan – i am terrified of even an upright mri scan – i am very claustophobic person. i dont know what to do. i get panic attacks
Please guide me in this tough situation which i am going through –
Please let the tapping noise inside my ears stop and never come back and clear me of this horrible problem my dear St Jude .
I am the only carer for my advanced cancer patient husband and he is soon going to start his radiotherapy after his hernia surgery is healed.
please calm both of us and bring peace to us – please be with us and give us mental and physical strength always – please let the hospital arrange transport for my husband during my husband’s therapy because we have no car –
please bless our home and my daughters and keep all our enemies away.
Please keep the apartment association people in my native country away from me and my daughter and harming us in any way and stop my neighbour and his wife and the president harrasing me to sell my apartment (most probably to my evil neighbour) –
Please bring a solution to my biggest problem my younger daughter -please let her find her soul mate and settle down lord. please –
Praying for all in this circle and beyond to find solutions for their problems
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to me and my family -amen