Dear blessed St Jude, i thank you for all the favours always given to me and my family.
Today i came to know of very bad news that my right ear problem could be
i have right – sided conductive hearing loss and some fullness in my postnasal space.
I also has myoclonus like tinnitus and also a raised possibilty of a facial Neuroma which has really frightened me and i am feeling very low.
I seek forgiveness for any hurt by word or deed to anyone i may or may not knowingly or unknowingly done – please do not punish me with such fearful diseases please lord –
Thank you dear St Jude for getting me an open MRI scanner for free but the date is only for December – please let me get a date in November please let someone cancel so that i can get an earlier scan.
Please let there be nothing serious and let the problem of my right ear tinnitus or Eustachian tube dysfunction or any other disease go away – please let me enjoy some peace and quiet with my poor advanced cancer patient husband who needs a cheerful me to give him support through his radiotherapy .
I cannot function normal with this ear problem going on.
Please send your powerful miracles to cure my tinnitus , tapping sound in my right ear and any other problems i may be having the doctor suspects.
Please help me my dear St Jude – i dont want to be sick lord – i have too any responsibilities.
Thank you my dear St Jude for everything given to me and family-