Dear blessed St Jude please come urgently to cure my right ear problem which is getting worse and now my eyes were seeing some kind of things from the corner of my right eye and it has a different sound instead of tapping sound and some weird headaches and sinus all have come back to stress me and frighten me so much .
Please guide us to do the right thing my dear St Jude, please let it be nothing and let there be no need for an MRI scan please .
please please let the rumbling sound inside my right ear, the headaches, the sleeplessness, anxiety and stress regarding my cancer patient husband, my nurse daughter’s high risk pregnancy, the mad actions of my younger daughter please give me a solution -please send your powerful miracles to cure my right ear problem and please do not let it spread . I have only you and my poor cancer patient husband is struggling with his problems finding time to comfort me . i am his only carer and he is going in for radiotherapy soon after his hernia surgery gets healed. please please help me with your mighty power lord to sort this problem .
Please let the pain in my husband’s knee go away and let him be in perfect health to be treated with radiotherapy.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the favours to me and my family – always given always blessed by you – thanks
I pray for all in this circle and beyond for their prayers to be heard and resolved .