Blessed St Jude, please come urgently to my help to cure my ear problem which an ENT is saying as possible Myocionus which is a very very rare problem which no medicine is there but some management only available.
please lord i am scared to take an MRI scan because of claustophobia please let me find an MRI scanner which is open sided and not narrow and closed tube/tunnel.
Please let me be able to stick to my diet and eat correct without sugar.
please let there be no need for an MRI scan and let the tapping sound go away completely never to come back.
Please let my husband/s advanced cancer not spread any further and let the radiotherapy be safe and dont have any side effects for him
please bless our home, my children and let all evil people and bad things in the house go away never to come back . please let my second daughter stop all her bad habits .
Please protect us lord we are so battered and cannot go on anymore .
please let my husband get hospital transportation because we have no car and after radiotherapy he will be tired.
Thank you my dear St Jude for all the help given to me and family – amen
please let my son in law have a safe trip to his native country to bring his mother to take care of my daughter post delivery. please let all things go well for him.