thank you for all the favours given to me and my family my dear St Jude.
below are few of the favours and blessings given to me and family.
My advanced cancer patient husband’s recent scan showing he is free of cancer from the sacrum and it is now only in the prostate.
My nieghbour who was fighting with me and caused my daughter to move away from home is now friendly and nice to me .
There was no need for an eye surgery for me because the glaucoma pressure showed normal .
Thank you a million times dear St Jude.

Please give strength to me and my husband suffering from advanced cancer to go through the radiation therapy and please let him have no side effects
Please urgently come to my help to cure my middle ear infection , dysfunctional Eustachian tubes,Tinnitus a tapping noise in the right ear only – looks like some liquid collection all this has happened after my covid positive and having secondary infection which continued.
Please let me choose the right doctor and not be late for showing my ears – i have been asked to take an MRI scan which is very scary for me.because i am claustophobic – please let me get an open MRI to do my scan nearby or accessable to me easily.
Please let my heart blocs found out during ecg test not advance into second degree and let me be able to take care of my health – and be able to handle problems from both my daughters and all sides nothing but problems – please urgently come to my help lord please help me to cope and get sleep for more than 3 hours every night –
I cannot survive or cope much longer with my own health problems, my husband’s cancer, health problems of my pregnant daughter and the younger daughter who is in another country having problems on all fronts with her office, her own health, her flat mate all going wrong – i do not know what to do my dear St Jude other than cry out to you to help me and them to sort it out.

Please restore my health urgently lord -i am my cancer patient husband’s only carer . I thank you my dear St Jude for your help and favours given to me and i thank all at the shrine for their unconditional service of prayers thank you – i am alive today and not gone insane thanks to my prayers and your blessings and protection my dear St Jude . Thank you – amen