Dear blessed St jude please bring some peace of mind and calmness to my younger daughter who is all alone in another country, locked in and getting abusive with me for all her problems in life .She is blaming me for ruining her life from childhood -I am so broken hearted to hear all this -i have begged, borrowed to get a decent life for my 2 children as a single mother and has been a harsh and cynical woman out of my bitter experiences in life – other than that i have never wanted to hurt anyone in my life – please dear lord let my daughter forget her past and focus on her future and find a man to marry and live with please – and stop blaming me.
Please let her stop her drug abuse (i dont know anything about her now but i am assuming )
Please let a good man her soul mate find her love her and marry her please lord please
please let her get back to work and be healthy
Please let find happiness and peace of mind with god and in prayers and get back her trust in the power of god .
please help please – -thanking you always – a distressed mother .