Dear St Jude I thank you for all the blessings given to me and my family.
Please help me urgently with my middle ear infection and Tinnitus ear condition .
I have glaucoma with eye problems and now this tapping noise inside my ears i believe post covid issues from a secondary infection. it is a problem which the local doctors have given up saying need an ENT specialist and has referred me also but i have no idea when i will be getting the appointment . To go private is lot of money and we have no insurance.
Please let the antibiotic i am taking resolve my problem my dear lord and let the tapping sound go away for good and not come back.
Let there be no need for any doctor lord . My husband of 75yrs with advanced cancer is having a hernia surgery in 2 weeks and i am his only carer. please come urgently to my help and cure my ear infection and severe sinusitis.
please let the antibiotics work and guide me on the treatment for Tinnitus ear condition. Please get me the right doctor if i need one – please also bring my eye pressure down to normal it is quite high and my cornea is thin –
Please protect me and my husband from coronavirus and all other health problems.
Please bless our home and protect us from all evil and bad people .
Please surround us with helpful people – we have no car
please let my nurse daughter and nurse son in law come and live near us and let them be able to get job and be able to afford a house to rent near me and be of mutual help to each other.
Please let my husband’s MRI and CT come out normal and no spreading of cancer .
please calm his and my mind and reduce our anxiety and our lonely confined life – please let the upcoming surgery of his be a success and do not let the cancer medicine have any bad effect.
Thank you for all the help my dear St Jude – amen