Dear blessed St Jude please intercede to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour to protect my elder daughter who is a nurse and is since yesterday suffering from fever and severe muscle pain.
She has dine a corona virus test today and result will be out in 48 hours.
Please dear St Jude please give my daughter the mental and physical strength to go thru this very tough situation .
please cover her in your loving arms and let all her tension and pressure go away.
please make her cook and est the right food and she sill be alright asap.
her small baby is away in another country ? husband in another country who is also nurse sent to iraqi border in a camp to look after covid patients. please protect him and het baby also dear lord.
please help her in not to get depressed.
to be positive in her outlook come what may.
give het energy and please do not let her get depressed and hopeless.
please help ..pls let your miracles protect her from all evil things ,the coronavirus and bad people.
bless her and keep her dear lord
thsnk you always grateful A