Dear blessed St Jude, please make me covid negative urgently, my husband 76yrs has advanced cancer and is also suffering from hernia pain is doing all the house chores which normally i do and is getting exhausted.
Please let me be covid free at the earliest lord so that i can do all the work and relieve him from this torture.
please do not let my covid spread to anyone.
My breathlessness has made me nervous and the flem formation has forced me to take the antibiotics now. although it is the shortness of breath which does not allow me to get a completed breath at times which is scary.
so i am meeting someone a doctor or a nurse i dont know -please let their diagnose be correct and let me get the correct advice. please bless the only person who could take me to the doctor today a friend from our church here bless her please lord -none of the cab said they will take me because i am still positive covid. i cannot go in a bus to infect all- so this friend from church agreed to help. thank you lord – i see your presence and help everywhere – thank you for all the favours – prayers for all in this group — amen