St. Jude, Pray for Us

St. Jude, Pray for Us

Nothing is impossible for God.

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Statue Of St Jude Holding The Image Of Jesus

National Shrine of St. Jude

We invite you learn about the history of the shrine and join in our devotion to St. Jude, a faithful friend in times of difficulty.

St. Jude is the Catholic patron saint of impossible causes. The National Shrine of St. Jude and the St. Jude League bring together hundreds of thousands of devotees in a community of prayer and hope to our patron saint. We invite you to join us and send your prayers to St. Jude, as he has proven to be a beacon of hope to those facing seemingly impossible trials and tribulations.

Bible Diary for July 3rd – 9th

Jun 30, 2022

SundayJuly 3rd 14th Sunday in Ordinary TimeSt. Thomas the Apostle 1st Reading: Is 66:10-14c:“Rejoice for Jerusalem and be glad for her, all you who love her. Be glad with her,…

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Weekly Devotion – June 27th

Jun 27, 2022

Our reflection from the Gospel this week is:“He said to another man, ‘Follow me.’” Each of us is called to follow Jesus. But the question is how should we do…

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Bible Diary for June 26th – July 2nd

Jun 23, 2022

SundayJune 26th 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time 1st Reading: 1 Kgs 19:16b, 19-21:And Elisha, son of Shaphat, from Abel Meholah, you shall anoint as prophet in your place. Elijah left.…

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Weekly Devotion – June 20th

Jun 20, 2022

Just as Jesus nourished the crowd with His powerful, heartfelt teaching, so too would He feed them with the bread that satisfied their bodily hunger. From five loaves and two…

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Bible Diary for June 19th – 25th

Jun 16, 2022

SundayJune 19th Corpus ChristiSt. Romuald 1st Reading: Gen 14:18-20:Then Melchizedek, king of Salem, brought bread and wine; he was a priest of God Most High, and he blessed Abram saying,…

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St. Jude Journal – June 2022

Jun 15, 2022

We find many opportunities to strengthen our connection with God throughout our lives. Some paths we learn from our family, other opportunities arise through our friends. We may not always…

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Weekly Devotion – June 13th

Jun 13, 2022

Our reflection from the Gospel this week is:“But when he comes, the Spirit of truth, he will guide you to all truth.” The blessings God has given to us confirm…

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Bible Diary for June 12th – 18th

Jun 9, 2022

SundayJune 12th Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity 1st Reading: Prv 8:22-31:Yahweh created me first, at the beginning of his works. He formed me from of old, from eternity, even…

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Weekly Devotion – June 6th

Jun 6, 2022

During Sunday’s Gospel we learn that the Holy Spirit came to the Apostles. The presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives changed the disciples forever. Up until that point…

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