Solemn Novena for All Souls October 20th - 28th

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Statue Of St Jude Holding The Image Of Jesus

National Shrine of St. Jude

We invite you learn about the history of the shrine and join in our devotion to St. Jude, a faithful friend in times of difficulty.

St. Jude is the Catholic patron saint of impossible causes. The National Shrine of St. Jude and the St. Jude League bring together hundreds of thousands of devotees in a community of prayer and hope to our patron saint. We invite you to join us and send your prayers to St. Jude, as he has proven to be a beacon of hope to those facing seemingly impossible trials and tribulations.

Weekly Devotion – October 25th

Oct 25, 2021

Bartimaeus, the blind man in Sunday’s Gospel, refused to be silent until Jesus called for him. He called to the Lord, asking to be healed and to recover his sight. This is a great example for us in our lives. We may be in need of healing, whether spiritual, emotional, or physical, and it is…

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October 2021 Solemn Novena to St. Jude for All Souls

Oct 23, 2021

St. Jude calls us all to experience the intercessory power of Novena prayer in our lives. As we continue to pray during this October Solemn Novena for All Souls, there is still time to send your petitions. To enhance your connection to this Novena you can also: View Novena meditations and services Check our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for daily Novena content Don’t forget…

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Bible Diary for October 24th – 30th

Oct 21, 2021

SundayOctober 24th 30th Sunday in Ordinary TimeSt. Anthony Mary Claret 1st Reading: Jer 31:7-9:For Yahweh says this, “Shout with joy for Jacob; rejoice for the greatest of nations. Proclaim your praise and say: ‘Yahweh has saved his people, the remnant of Israel!’ Look, I will bring them back from the land of the north, gather…

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2021 St. Jude Prayer Banner

Oct 18, 2021

We are grateful for you and the thousands of others who have sent their petitions to be joined together in the Feast of St. Jude Prayer Banner. The banner is placed on the altar of St. Jude at the National Shrine to offer thanksgiving to St. Jude throughout the days of Novena prayer, during the…

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Weekly Devotion – October 18th

Oct 18, 2021

Jesus leads by being a servant. He affirms His teachings by picking up the cross and shedding His blood so that we might have life and have it to the full. Jesus proposes the model of servant-leadership, kneeling to wash the feet of His followers and stretching out His arms upon the cross to accomplish…

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St. Jude Journal – October 2021

Oct 15, 2021

When someone we love dies, we celebrate their life and remember the love and life we shared with them. We are grateful for the time we had together and for the memories they left that continue to enrich us, even as we work through our grief. We ask God for additional grace and strength to…

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Bible Diary for October 17th – 23rd

Oct 14, 2021

SundayOctober 17th 29th Sunday in Ordinary TimeSt. Ignatius of Antioch 1st Reading: Is 53:10-11:Yet it was the will of Yahweh to crush him with grief. When he makes himself an offering for sin, he will have a long life and see his descendants. Through him the will of Yahweh is done. For the anguish he…

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Weekly Devotion – October 11th

Oct 11, 2021

How tragic that the man in Sunday’s Gospel went away sorrowful because he could not give up his great wealth. Money and material possessions are often important necessities to be sure. Yet sometimes they become too important. The man in the Gospel let his possessions control his life, rather than being a good steward of…

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Pray with us during October 2021

Oct 9, 2021

The month of October is a special time of prayer and thanksgiving for us at the National Shrine of St. Jude. We celebrate our last Solemn Novena of the year, October 20th—28th, and the Feast of St. Jude on October 28th. On the Feast Day of St. Jude we celebrate a special Mass at the Shrine.…

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